“The PilatesBody Studio is dedicated to teaching Pilates in a private and focused manner to truly change the client’s body both inside and out.”

basi pilates

Our lovely Central Phoenix location is equipped with the revolutionary BASI Systems F2 Equipment and is the BASI host in Arizona hosting courses and workshops.



“I love the new equipment! Some of the features take some getting used to, but in a good way for me. It is deepening my practice–makes me more aware of my need to stabilize my body and not rely on the equipment to do it.”

Janiece S, 6 years with The Pilates Body, Central Phoenix

“It makes me work harder for stability, which is so exciting.”

Mayme K, 8 years with The Pilates Body, Central Phoenix

“I love it! It is so smooth and comfortable! I even feel that many of the movements are more beautiful on the new equipment–is that crazy? I could keep my feet on the footbar all day, it feels so good!”

Lisa S, 12 years with The Pilates Body, Central Phoenix

“It is beautiful, comfortable, and I absolutely love it!”

Barbara B, 4 years with The Pilates Body, Central Phoenix

“The design is unbelievable! It is beyond any equipment I have used or seen. I knew from looking at it and feeling it that it was airplane grade aluminum, even before Jody told me. The creator must be a genius!”

Fred S, retired pilot, 4th year with The Pilates Body, Central Phoenix

The F2 System lies at the heart of BASI Systems Pilates equipment. A true innovation for Pilates movement, it offers unprecedented versatility and precision in spring angle and resistance settings. Springs can be attached to multiple ports on your Reformer, Cadillac, Barrels, Chair and Spine Corrector. Multiple F2 Systems can be used simultaneously to inspire exciting new repertoire possibilities.

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